At The Albert Corporation, our mission is to maintain and enhance the quality of life in all of the properties we manage. Utilizing superb communication skills and valuable experience, The Albert Corporation takes a pro-active approach to management. We devote exceptional efforts to client contact, on site inspections, and other hands-on aspects of the management process. We work together with the Trustees to develop a comprehensive management plan in order to ensure a positive relationship.

Our scope of services is flexible by design and tailored to meet the needs of your Association. Our diligence in budgetary matters is one feature that sets The Albert Corporation apart from other management companies. Specifically, by negotiating with insurance agencies, we have decreased insurance premiums while maintaining full property coverage. We have also decreased water & sewer, as well as fuel costs, by initiating audits of these utilities.

Our commitment to serving the interests of the Trustees and the Association is evident in our daily practices. The Albert Corporation ensures that all services are provided economically and efficiently. The effective coordination of these services guarantees that Condominium ownership is as safe, comfortable and worry free as possible. We believe that a Condominium is a home and an investment.

Whenever possible, we utilize service companies and our combined buying power to keep costs low. In order to avoid costly emergency situations, regular preventative maintenance is scheduled. With this belief in mind we have developed an extensive management program that focuses on implementing cost saving measures as well as providing for short and long term financial and maintenance planning.

We are always striving to improve our services by keeping up with current market trends. Our computers, network and software are constantly updated in order to better serve you with the most modern and efficient systems available. Each day we learn about better ways to serve our associations and we welcome suggestions from our clients that would help us to achieve our goal, which is to provide the best service possible.

The majority of our properties are in the Chestnut Hill, Allston, Brighton and Brookline areas. Our close proximity to your property allows us to be available and on site without delays. There is no substitute for being in close proximity! When you need us, we are always in the neighborhood!

The Albert Corporation has gradually expanded in the past decade, but we have not forgotten the importance of excellent service and quality management. We will commit more time to your property than any of our competitors. While our competition boasts larger portfolios of managed properties, The Albert Corporation is concerned with the quality of management that we can provide. It is our philosophy that every association has its own personality and needs to be managed according to the specific needs of the property and the individuals who reside there. As your managing agent, we would be fully committed to your Association and ready to work with you to achieve your specific goals.