Managing a Condominium association is like running any successful business. Many services are required to not only keep that business (Condominium association) running smoothly but to keep its customers (Condominium owners) satisfied. We believe that good financial planning is the cornerstone to the success of your Association. The Albert Corporation monitors every step of financial planning:

  • • Arrange long and short-term financial goals
  • • Expose and address potential capital improvements
  • • Balance mechanical, structural and cosmetic improvements
  • • Survey potential costs for future capital improvements

The Albert Corporation has a full-time staff available to provide these services and to assist in financial planning and decision-making. The following is a brief list of financial services offered by The Albert Corporation:

  • • Preparation and distribution of monthly reports
  • • Monthly invoicing
  • • Collection of delinquent monies
  • • Tax preparation
  • • Projected capital expense reports
  • • Project budgets
  • • Trend analysis

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