Where do I mail my condominium fees?
If you have your payment stub, please remit payment along with stub to:
"YOUR" CONDOMINIUM (i.e. Chestnut Village Condominium)
c/o The Albert Corporation
P.O. Box 2547
Secaucus, NJ 07096
If you do not have your statement, please remit payment to:
The Albert Corp, 10 Harvard Square, Suite #2, Brookline, MA 02445


How do I obtain a 6D Certificate OR a completed condo questionnaire?
If you are refinancing or selling and need a 6d certificate, condo questionnaire, condo documents, budgets, or other documents of this nature you must fax, e-mail or drop off a completed Document Request form to The Albert Corp. You can obtain this document by clicking on Forms in the top menu of the webpage.

What is the delinquency policy?
Most condominium associations, managed by The Albert Corp, have the same late fee policy. Condominium fees must be recieved by the 15th of the month. Any condominium fees received after the 15th of the month are considered late, and a late fee will be charged to your account. You are responsible for paying your condominium fees on time, whether you receive a statement or not. To avoid any and all late fees, please sign up for automatic withdrawal. Click on Forms in the upper toolbar for the appropriate form.

How do I obtain a guest parking pass for Court II, III or IV?
If you need a guest parking pass for Court II, III or IV, Brookline: please contact the office at 617-277-3355 x0.